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Inspection programs

Modern Cathodic Protection Systems: Design, Fabrication, Installation, Operation and Repair

  Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical Industry Materials Corrosion

Materials Selection for Process Plants  (Material and Corrosion Engineering)

  Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists

Corrosion for Non-Corrosion Engineers

International Welding codes

Introduction to Welding Engineering, Fabrication and Inspection

  Practical Welding Technology

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

  Modern Welding Technology : Welding, Fabrication and Inspection ( AWS, ASME & API Codes)

PEPainting, Coating and Thermal Installation

  Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Corrosion Inhibition: Technology, Applications, Selection, Monitoring, Performance and Troubleshooting

Control of Scale and Corrosion in Desalination (MSF)

Metallurgical Failure Analysis and Prevention

Water Scale Corrosion

  Materials Selection and Failure Analysis

Engineering Aspects of Welding

Coating Inspection