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Instrumentation and control programs

Field Instruments

Gas turbine control system ( Mark 6)

Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems (Process Control & Instrumentation)

Process Control and Instrumentation

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Fundamentals, Applications and troubleshooting

Introduction to Control Systems in Petrochemical Industry

Practical Field bus for Process Control: Engineering, Configuration, Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Operation and Maintenance

Practical Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) For Automation And Process Control

Boiler Control and Instrumentation

Installation, Calibration and Maintenance of Electronic Instruments

AC Electrical Motor Control System

Liquid and Gas Flow metering

Control Valve Technology and Maintenance

Pneumatic Electronic Control Systems

Flow Measurement Techniques

Process Controller Tuning

Practical Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries

Emergency Shutdown and Blow down for Oil and Gas Processes

LNG Tanks Level Management System (TMS)

Ultrasonic Flow metering for Gas & Liquid Application

Turbine and Compressor Controls

Power Plant Control and Instrumentation

Anti Surge Controller (CCC)

Instrumentation for Non-Instrument Personnel

Modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Process Instrumentation - Practical Applications

Designing Telecommunications Distribution System

Crude Metering SystemInstrumentation - Practical Applications

Process Control and Safeguarding