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Oil and Gas Training Courses

Oil and Gas Courses

Course Name

Corrosion Control Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

Production Planning and Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

Gas and Liquid Chromatography and Troubleshooting

Refinery Process Yields Optimisation

Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equipment for Oil and Gas Production

Cathodic Protection System in Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

Petroleum Project Economics and Risk Analysis

International Petroleum Management

Petroleum Refining-Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimization

Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Oil and Gas Accounting and Performance Measurement

Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Oil and Gas Contracts

Oil and Gas Marine Terminals: Operations, Management and Safety in Accordance with International Standards

Essential Skills for Oil and Gas Managers and Supervisors

International Gas Business Management

International Oil and Gas Business Management

Financial Modelling and Petroleum Project Economics

Managing Project Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry

LNG Plants Process Technology

Refinery Plants Process Technology

Petrochemical Plants Process Technology

NGL and LPG Plants Process Technology

Fertilizers (Ammonia & Urea) Plants Process Technology

Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving and Effective Decision Making

Gas Conditioning Technology

Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery

Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, NGL Recovery, Fractionation, Sulphur Recovery and Handling

Distillation Columns: Design, Operation, Control and Troubleshooting

LNG: Storage, Loading, Unloading, Marine Operations, Measurement & Calculations

Crude Oil Storage, Marine Terminals Operations, and Oil Movement Management

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Operations and Process Troubleshooting

PE (Poly Ethylene) Operations and Process Troubleshooting

PP (Poly Propylene) Operations and Process Troubleshooting

Water Treatment for Plant Utilities

Water Desalination Plant: Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Water Desalination Technologies

Waste Water Treatment in Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants

Operations Troubleshooting for Process Engineers

Process Troubleshooting for Operators and Technicians

Rules of Thumb for Chemical and Process Engineers

Process Plants Shutdown and Turnarounds

Process Modeling Using Modern Simulation Package ie( Hysys)

Process Furnace : Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up and Shutdown

Process Engineering Design Fundamentals

Process Plant Performance and Efficiency

Multi-Stage Flash Desalination (MSF): Operation, Maintenance, Heat Balance, Performance, Optimization, Start-Up and Troubleshooting

Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning and Troubleshooting

Oil and Gas Processing for Non-Technical

Well completion and Control

Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics in Process Application

Fundamentals of Heat Transfeer in Process Application

Petroleum Engineering for Non-petroleum Engineers